Welcome back!

Dear parents!

Summer holidays have almost come to an end and on Monday we are happy to start a new school year with our children in Šeberov school.
Firstly, I would like to introduce a new member of our team, my colleague and tandem partner, Mrs Linda. She is an experienced English teacher – hardworking, creative, who has a professional attitude to work. During demonstrative lessons and meetings last year Mrs Linda fulfilled all the criteria/requirements set by school management and myself. So, Mrs Linda, welcome aboard!
This school year as well as the previous one we are going to teach our kids in two equal groups divided according to the alphabet for 5 months with the following exchange. Those are the groups of kids with relatively mixed levels. We have done it intentionally to enable the pupils to help each other and ask for it thus developing certain social skills during English lessons.
In all classes we are continuing using Kid’s Box series by Cambridge University Press as a main course in our lessons for the following reasons: this course gives a wonderful opportunity for all kids to master the English language from the basics up to a higher level in terms of vocabulary, phonetics, grammar and so on. It is a well developed textbook focused on communication with the most relevant topics for the kids. These books will also help us to prepare the children for the Cambridge exams.
All in all, on behalf of our team I wish you all good luck in this school year 2019-2020!