English in the first half of the school year 2018/2019

Dear parents!

We are finishing this term with good results –  our children worked hard both at school and at home and have made a significant progress in English.

The first and second graders are able to sing a few songs about animals, colours, numbers, pets, parts of body, food and many others.  They  can say simple sentences about their names, age, favourite things. The third graders also learnt 4 songs in English and can speak about their house, every day activities, places in the city. They know the difference between  CAN and MUST. We learnt to form sentences with these modal verbs. The pupils in the fourth grade can describe pictures, what children are doing, they know sports, school subjects, illnesses, ordinal numbers. They are able to say in simple sentences about their activities in the past. Along with that, we as English teachers recommended that some children take an International Cambridge Exam (YLE Starters) in May, 2019. The students of the fifth grade are able to describe wild animals, pets and farm animals, ask questions, give short and full answers.

It helps us a lot when you, parents, speak to your children about the importance of English for  their personal development now and professional  in future.

Iva and Evžen